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 +===== "Sailor Ranko: A Love Story" by Rebecca Ann Heineman =====
 +==== Summary ====
 +Wedged between Fire's first Sailor Ranko story and Kevin Hammel's sequel "Twice in a Millennium" is this new offering by BurgerBecky. While it's good that she's posting again, it seems a bit forced to cram a story in between Fire's and Kevin's stories. Recommended for a fan of Becky's work, so far doesn't seem good for a casual or new reader. Fire's and Kevin's are better for that.
 +==== Other Links ====
 +Click [[fic:sailor_ranko_series|Here]] to find the original story and other spin offs and related.
 +==== Data ====
 +---- dataentry fic ----
 +Type               : Fuku Fic
 +Title_title        : fic:sailor_ranko_a_love_story|Sailor Ranko: A Love Story
 +Author             : Rebecca Ann Heineman
 +Status_            : Complete
 +Other Series_tags  : 
 +Senshi_tag         : Sailor Sun
 +Content_tags       : TG, Complete
 +Created_dt         : 2008-02-22
 +Updated_dt         : 2008-09-07
 +Chapters_num       : 4
 +Words_num          : 27,440 
 +Web_url            : http://www.burgerbecky.com/sailorranko.html
 +Fanfiction.Net_url : http://www.fanfiction.net/u/268964/burgerbecky
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