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 +===== Sailor Ranko (Series) =====
 +==== Description ====
 +Sailor Ranko is the fic that ignited an entire wave of stories that used the 'Ranma as a Sailor Senshi' theme.  It was not the first nor was it the most important in many respects, but it is one of if not the best known examples.  However unlike other fics of its type, it has its own set of follow up stories that branch off and follow the original story, such stories not made by the original author.
 +==== Fic Pages ====
 +  * [[fic:sailor_ranko|]] The original story.
 +  * [[fic:sailor_ranko_a_love_story|]] set between the original and TiaM
 +  * [[fic:sailor_ranko_twice_in_a_millennium|]] primary and original sequal.
 +  * [[fic:sailor_ranko_tunnel_vision|]]  follows after Twice in a Millenium
 +  * [[fic:sailor_ranko_just_add_water|]]  follows after Tunnel Vision
 +  * [[fic:sailor_ranko_the_harder_they_fall|]]  follows after Just add Water
 +  * [[fic:sailor_ranko_thrice_in_a_millenium|]]  follows after The Harder they Fall
 +Stories out of main continuity
 +  * [[http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5871220/1/Silver_Sun|Silver Sun]] This is a non fuku-fic that is about Sailor Sun's Origins (While technically part of potential Sailor Ranko canon, the current maintainer has not offically informed us of their support.)
 +  * [[fic:time_stands_still|]]  Set sometime after the original
 +  * [[fic:sailor_ranko_dive_into_the_unknown|]]  Set sometime after the original
 +  * [[fic:black_moon_eclipse_of_the_sun|]]  Set sometime after Sailor Ranko and TiaM
 +  * [[fic:sailor_ranko_moon_princess|]]  Set sometime after Sailor Ranko and TiaM
 +==== Other Links ====
 +  * The current series author for Sailor Ranko maintains a website that also has links to most stories: [[http://www.burgerbecky.com/sailorranko.html|Becky's Burger Emporium]]
 +  * There is also a [[http://www.sailorranko.com/archive/001page001.htm|webcomic]] that was started based on Sailor Ranko
 +==== Data ====
 +---- dataentry fic ----
 +Type               : Fuku Fic
 +Title_title        : fic:sailor_ranko(series)|Sailor Ranko (Series)
 +Senshi_tag         : Sailor Sun
 +Content_tags       : TG
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