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 +===== "Senshi of the Moon" by Michael A. Ivins =====
 +==== Summary ====
 +After the wedding disaster,  Ranma realizes she's got more responsibilities, and the Senshi realize they've got a leader that will put new pressures onto them.
 +Feels like an early effort,  dialog is a bit rough,  but is a new updating fic and if one wanted to see Ranma takeover the senshi from the start this fic has that.
 +==== Other Notes ====
 +Take mind that the link goes to the blogger account, as there are no direct links or uniform lables for this specific fic.
 +==== Data ====
 +---- dataentry fic ----
 +Type               : Fuku Fic
 +Title_title        : fic:senshi_of_the_moon|Senshi of the Moon
 +Author             : Michael A. Ivins
 +Status_            : Active
 +Series_tags        : 
 +Senshi_tag         : Sailor Moon
 +Content_tags       : TG
 +Created_dt         : 2012-03-13
 +Updated_dt         : 2012-04-14
 +Chapters_num       : 5
 +Words_num          : 
 +Web_url            : http://m-ivins.blogspot.com/
 +Fanfiction.Net_url : 
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