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 +===== "The Return: Raising Trouble" by Sunshine Temple =====
 +==== Summary ====
 +And here's the next thirteen chapters, edited into the third book.
 +Now that Ranma has accepted her role as a demon-mommy/succubus-senshi things haven't calmed down....
 +Ranma is settling into her life as demon mom to a brood of succubae. The senshi are dealing with a group of former Soviet Combat Cyborgs trying to assassinate Usagi. The the mercenary company WIC is now bringing in the Canadian Special forces and training them up. Meanwhile secrets in Usagi's and Ranma's families start to emerge.
 +==== Other Links ====
 +==== Data ====
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 +Type               : Fuku Fic
 +Title_title        : fic:the_return_raising_trouble|The Return: Raising Trouble
 +Author             : Sunshine Temple
 +Status_            : Complete
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 +Senshi_tag         : Sailor DarkStar
 +Content_tags       : TG
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 +Updated_dt         : 2018-9-21
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