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Latest Fuku Fic Updates

TitleSenshiAuthorSeriesContent Tags ChaptersWordsLast Updated
New Lives (Series)Sailor JupiterTG
Sailor Ranko (Series)Sailor SunTG
DarkfireSailor DarkfireChouhouin NekoTG, Lost2004-12-05
Aftermath: RecruitingSailor SunTrimatterTG, Complete18,4492005-10-06
AvatarsSailor GaiaDarkenOneTG12004-10-23
Beautiful Martial Artist Sailor Moon One HalfSailor MoonChronos the CatTG16,8212008-04-02
Chaos and Crystal TokyoSailor TerraMaster MagiTG12005-08-30
Crossing MoonSailor MoonKenkoTG114,5962010-12-01
ForbiddenSailor SolWarGiverTG, Complete113,9042005-07-18
FukukenSailor ErsatzJ. St.C. PatrickTG, NSM, Complete12,2792005-03-22
Girl TalkSailor Sun and Sailor DarkStarSunshine TempleTG, Complete12007-02-26
Gunslinger MoonSailor TerraSunshine TempleTG112,3952005-03-16
Half A TimelineSailor PlutoRui CostaTG12004-10-23
Into The FireSailor MarsNicholas LeifkerTG12004-10-20
Liquid FireSailor MarsShad4cTG15,2772007-10-10
Minako: A Life RenewedSailor VenusMike KoosTG, Lost12008-12-26
New Lives Galactic Guardians SMultiple SenshiAshK, Emma IveliTG12012-06-25
PotentialSailor SaturnShadow RaveTG110,8382007-08-31
Practical MythologySailor MercuryStratageminiTG112,1412007-06-23
Ranma's Day of DestinySailor MoonPatrick HoTG12004-10-23
RecruitingSailor MercuryVaughan StevensTG, Lemon12004-10-23
SailorSailor ToutatisGinraiTG12004-10-23
Sailor_BluesSailor MoonLunarRhapsodyTG16,4522017-12-05
Sailor Moon and Sailor SunSailor SunVanguardLuardTG15,0952018-01-02
Sailor NexusSailor NexustiberusTG15,7652004-12-10
Sailor QuazarSailor QuazarraincloudblueTG18812005-01-30
Sailor RankoSailor SunFireTG, Complete154,3372000-05-24
Sailor Ranko: Twice in a MillenniumSailor SunKevin D. HammelTG, Complete111,9222002-11-02
Sailor RanmoonSailor RanmoonCarrotglaceTG114,5952000-08-26
Sailor WhoMultiple SenshiSteffanTG, Complete18532004-10-29
The Charon SenshiSailor Charon Iaheavens-dark-hanyouTG15,7192005-11-12
The Cost of SilenceSailor SaturnMike KoosTG, Archive12006-07-01
The Restaurant Off to the Side of the UniverseSailor PlutoMike KoosTG, Archive12004-10-23
The Senshi Who Was Not To BeSailor GaiaThrawnmaTG12007-06-15
To Be a TomboySailor UranusEllfTG19,6882005-02-11
TrappedSailor ChaosErika Wardell (Kinotama)TG, Dead149232006-05-16
TrappedSailor SolSlade3TG12005-12-05
Waylaying Before the Oak TreeSailor JupiterDark AlphaTG, Archive12004-10-23
Bishonen Senshi Sailor MoonSailor MoonRyo-WolfTG10130,8672010-11-30
Black Moon and SilenceSailor NemesisQuontirTG1057,3102009-08-07
Blood Calls Out For BloodSailor MercuryMirianiTG102005-09-22
Generation LostSailor RoseSunshine TempleTG, NSM10102,0002013-01-18
Nuke 'em Till They GlowSailor EarthBen OliverTG102007-05-27
The Black Moon ContractSailor NemesisQuontirTG, Complete10110,3572007-08-26
The Fiery SoulSailor MarsSmzaeoTG10103,2682011-08-30
Usagi's Past LifeSailor Moonsara t. fontaniniTG1014,5762010-10-01
A Phoenix RebornSailor PhoenixSenshi of ValisTG1118,2512006-06-05
Death Reborn EvolutionSailor TitaniaShanamiTG1198,1672011-02-09
Fated Pasts, Chaotic FutureSailor TerraKonsakiTG11119,0872010-09-12
Honor and LoveSailor IoKevin D. HammelTG1171,6682012-07-16
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