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Latest Fuku Fic Updates

TitleSenshiAuthorSeries Content TagsChaptersWordsLast Updated
Night ShiftSailor TheiaLawraTG, AU560,0002015-01-24
Dragon and the PhoenixSailor SolFigure FourTG, Archive202004-10-23
Lordship of ChaosSailor JupiterDark AlphaTG, Archive22004-10-20
Mercury's SongSailor MercuryMike KoosTG, Archive42004-10-20
The Cost of SilenceSailor SaturnMike KoosTG, Archive12006-07-01
The Restaurant Off to the Side of the UniverseSailor PlutoMike KoosTG, Archive12004-10-23
The Sands of TimeSailor PlutoRichard FooTG, Archive42004-10-23
Waylaying Before the Oak TreeSailor JupiterDark AlphaTG, Archive12004-10-23
Wild SilverSailor MoonFrancis BourqueTG, Archive142004-10-23
Aftermath: RecruitingSailor SunTrimatterTG, Complete18,4492005-10-06
Aftermath: A Story of Blended ClichésSailor SunTrimatterTG, Complete33324,6182006-02-06
Baba Yaga Quests The BeginningSailor SolQuontirTG, Complete1996,3402006-02-07
Black Moon: Eclipse of the SunSailor SunArthur HansenTG, Complete446,8302005-04-30
Fist of the MoonSailor NightfallPenguin-saTG, Complete18143,1802008-06-12
ForbiddenSailor SolWarGiverTG, Complete113,9042005-07-18
FukukenSailor ErsatzJ. St.C. PatrickTG, NSM, Complete12,2792005-03-22
Galactic GuardiansSailor PhobosAshKTG, Complete56202,0852010-01-17
Girl TalkSailor Sun and Sailor DarkStarSunshine TempleTG, Complete12007-02-26
Heir to the EmpireSerenityOzzallosTG, Complete8110,5142007-01-13
JusticeSailor CeresMisatoKittyTG, Complete16138,3142009-02-02
LoveSailor CeresMisatoKittyTG, Complete18223,0462006-04-12
New LivesSailor JupiterEmma IveliTG, Complete43118,5122007-04-07
New Lives CSailor JupiterEmma IveliTG, Complete47114,7702008-06-26
New Lives RSailor JupiterEmma IveliTG, Complete50148,3082007-09-05
New Lives SSailor JupiterEmma IveliTG, Complete46111,8562010-09-20
New Lives Galactic GuardiansMultiple SenshiAshK, Emma IveliTG, Complete120445,9672009-01-01
Ranma the ProphetessSailor PlutoEjhawmanTG, Complete29229,5902010-07-07
Reflections of RuinSailor SaturnP.H. WiseTG, Complete205,7192007-11-30
Sailor RankoSailor SunFireTG, Complete154,3372000-05-24
Sailor Ranko: A Love StorySailor SunRebecca Ann HeinemanTG, Complete427,4402008-09-07
Sailor Ranko: Just Add WaterSailor SunRebecca Ann HeinemanTG, Complete1564,9702002-12-06
Sailor Ranko: Moon PrincessSailor SunborgrabbitTG, Complete22,3432006-11-18
Sailor Ranko: The Harder they FallSailor SunRebecca Ann HeinemanTG, Complete19103,6042003-02-12
Sailor Ranko: Tunnel VisionSailor SunRebecca Ann HeinemanTG, Complete30118,7942002-11-29
Sailor Ranko: Twice in a MillenniumSailor SunKevin D. HammelTG, Complete111,9222002-11-02
Sailor WhoMultiple SenshiSteffanTG, Complete18532004-10-29
The Best of TimesSailor Nova, Sailor PlutoOzzallosTG, Complete11103,2152006-02-25
The Black Moon ContractSailor NemesisQuontirTG, Complete10110,3572007-08-26
To Break Her ChainsSailor Earth, Sailor SolThe GrumTG, Complete2176,9202001-12-08
True IdentitySailor ApolloPriest Li XiangTG, Complete2954,1932003-02-08
Wild TimesSailor SaturnGabriel BlessingTG, Complete717,9082010-02-05
A Cold DishSailor JanusSabikehcheeTG, Dead9533902004-10-02
TrappedSailor ChaosErika Wardell (Kinotama)TG, Dead149232006-05-16
RecruitingSailor MercuryVaughan StevensTG, Lemon12004-10-23
Sailor GoddessSailor Terramykon1TG, Complete, Lemon6250,3082010-05-21
Waking Up With Curves / The Second Coming of PandoraSailor ElpisThat man!TG, Lime1717,2962014-07-16
A Fresh StartSailor EarthLeigh RoslynTG, Lost202004-10-19
DarkfireSailor DarkfireChouhouin NekoTG, Lost2004-12-05
Minako: A Life RenewedSailor VenusMike KoosTG, Lost12008-12-26
Relatively AbsentSenshi KronosTogashi GaijinTG, Lost112006-05-07
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