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Latest Fuku Fic Updates

Title SenshiAuthorSeriesContent TagsChaptersWordsLast Updated
The Avatar of LightAvatar of LightYarrowTG621,0002013-12-19
Ten of TwoMultipleTogashi GaijinTG, Lost52005-07-04
New Lives Galactic GuardiansMultiple SenshiAshK, Emma IveliTG, Complete120445,9672009-01-01
New Lives Galactic Guardians AMultiple SenshiAshK, Emma IveliTG56149,5822011-08-03
New Lives Galactic Guardians SMultiple SenshiAshK, Emma IveliTG12012-06-25
Sailor WhoMultiple SenshiSteffanTG, Complete18532004-10-29
True IdentitySailor ApolloPriest Li XiangTG, Complete2954,1932003-02-08
Zodiac SenshiSailor AquariusShritistrang_KwakerjakTG6124,7202010-02-06
JusticeSailor CeresMisatoKittyTG, Complete16138,3142009-02-02
LoveSailor CeresMisatoKittyTG, Complete18223,0462006-04-12
Finding HomeSailor ChaosGabriel BlessingTG830,1462007-11-01
TrappedSailor ChaosErika Wardell (Kinotama)TG, Dead149232006-05-16
Charon and SharingSailor CharonCrescent PulsarTG1255,0002014-08-18
Pluto's SonSailor CharonAlex Sar'ocTG25,7192011-07-15
The Charon SenshiSailor Charon Iaheavens-dark-hanyouTG15,7192005-11-12
Am I CourageousSailor Charon Sailor MoonMuffinPuddingTG2239,4782017-08-10
The Youngest SenshiSailor Chibi VenusRunnerzTG45,0362007-03-02
A twisted Tale of RanmaSailor Chibi-MoonGabriel R. LopezTG1923,6852007-10-24
Just Normal GirlsSailor Crimsonadakun13TG1837,0092011-10-23
The ReturnSailor DarkStarSunshine TempleTG34631,0002015-02-26
The Return: Betrayed ConsequencesSailor DarkStarSunshine TempleTG14234,9512018-06-08
The Return: Blood DebtsSailor DarkStarSunshine TempleTG16264,0012018-03-31
The Return: Brooding ResponsibilitiesSailor DarkStarSunshine TempleTG13212,8552017-12-24
The Return: Capital OffenseSailor DarkStarSunshine TempleTG1088,5632018-11-30
The Return: Raising TroubleSailor DarkStarSunshine TempleTG14177,5962018-09-21
DarkfireSailor DarkfireChouhouin NekoTG, Lost2004-12-05
SenshiSailor DarkstarSlade3TG32004-11-11
A Fresh StartSailor EarthLeigh RoslynTG, Lost202004-10-19
Nuke 'em Till They GlowSailor EarthBen OliverTG102007-05-27
Ranko, Master of the ClowSailor EarthDarkraveTG318,2562008-07-24
Ranma – A Senshi of EarthSailor EarthSopchoppyTG614,9252005-06-12
The Prospective SenshiSailor EarthCrescent PulsarTG1262,0002012-06-09
Wait For SleepSailor EarthkurushiTG32005-08-14
To Break Her ChainsSailor Earth, Sailor SolThe GrumTG, Complete2176,9202001-12-08
Orchid Queen of SaturnSailor Elder SaturnborgrabbitTG330,5572007-06-25
Waking Up With Curves / The Second Coming of PandoraSailor ElpisThat man!TG, Lime1717,2962014-07-16
Shadow of the Sun: The Dark Side of the MoonSailor ErisAlmech AlfarionTG240,1732011-11-14
FukukenSailor ErsatzJ. St.C. PatrickTG, NSM, Complete12,2792005-03-22
PermutationSailor EuropagsteemsoTG755,2552008-04-26
AvatarsSailor GaiaDarkenOneTG12004-10-23
The Senshi Who Was Not To BeSailor GaiaThrawnmaTG12007-06-15
Strained HarmonySailor HestiaTrimatter and Sunshine TempleTG5209,0002014-08-20
Honor and LoveSailor IoKevin D. HammelTG1171,6682012-07-16
A Cold DishSailor JanusSabikehcheeTG, Dead9533902004-10-02
Lordship of ChaosSailor JupiterDark AlphaTG, Archive22004-10-20
New LivesSailor JupiterEmma IveliTG, Complete43118,5122007-04-07
New Lives CSailor JupiterEmma IveliTG, Complete47114,7702008-06-26
New Lives LSailor JupiterEmma IveliTG2550,3272010-10-22
New Lives RSailor JupiterEmma IveliTG, Complete50148,3082007-09-05
New Lives SSailor JupiterEmma IveliTG, Complete46111,8562010-09-20
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