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Welcome to the Ranma's Senshi Seifuku Fuku Fics List! Here, we keep an index of all the different fuku fics out there.

Also remember this link in case the forum ever goes down.

Latest Fuku Fic Updates

TitleSenshiAuthorSeriesContent TagsChaptersWords Last Updated
Sailor Ranko: Taiji PrincipleSailor SunLina-FreedomTG213,3102020-08-25
The Return: Bonding AllureSailor DarkStarSunshine TempleTG444,4882020-05-21
Sailor Moon and Sailor Sun RSailor SunVanguardLuardTG511,0002020-01-07
Sailor Moon and Sailor SunSailor SunVanguardLuardTG51130,0002019-07-01
WindborneTitaniaSunshine TempleTG4135,8522019-03-15
The Return: Capital OffenseSailor DarkStarSunshine TempleTG1088,5632018-11-30
Nibun no Senshi Sailor MoonSailor MoonEternal Lost LurkerShin Megami TenseTG829,8802018-10-12
The Return: Raising TroubleSailor DarkStarSunshine TempleTG14177,5962018-09-21
The Return: Betrayed ConsequencesSailor DarkStarSunshine TempleTG14234,9512018-06-08
The Return: Blood DebtsSailor DarkStarSunshine TempleTG16264,0012018-03-31
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