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Latest Fuku Fic Updates

TitleSenshi AuthorSeriesContent TagsChaptersWordsLast Updated
New Lives (Series)Sailor JupiterTG
Sailor Ranko (Series)Sailor SunTG
Pluto's SonSailor CharonAlex Sar'ocTG25,7192011-07-15
Shadow of the Sun: The Dark Side of the MoonSailor ErisAlmech AlfarionTG240,1732011-11-14
Streams of TimeSailor PlutoAndrew NorrisTG32005-07-13
The Great Crossover CrisisSailor Silver StarAnime AddictionTG122002-10-30
Justice of TimeSailor TerraAnime_Freak317TG427,7322007-01-01
Black Moon: Eclipse of the SunSailor SunArthur HansenTG, Complete446,8302005-04-30
Warrior of HopeSailor JupiterAsgerasTG731,0932007-05-22
Galactic GuardiansSailor PhobosAshKTG, Complete56202,0852010-01-17
Galactic Guardians ASailor PhobosAshKTG28102,4212012-10-14
Galactic Guardians SSailor PhobosAshKTG21102,4212013-11-25
Tough LuckSailor PhobosAshKTG1441,5882010-11-30
Galactic SenshiSailor PhobosAshK, Emma IveliTG1749,9172009-03-20
New Lives Galactic GuardiansMultiple SenshiAshK, Emma IveliTG, Complete120445,9672009-01-01
New Lives Galactic Guardians AMultiple SenshiAshK, Emma IveliTG56149,5822011-08-03
New Lives Galactic Guardians SMultiple SenshiAshK, Emma IveliTG12012-06-25
Rebirth: Sailor CSailor CybeleAshMeadowRoseTG4119532022-08-23
Going At It Like Rabbits!!!Sailor MoonBen OliverTG7136,5052004-10-23
Nuke 'em Till They GlowSailor EarthBen OliverTG102007-05-27
Rebirth of two geniuses?Sailor MercuryBigouTG11,8322021-10-04
Sailor RanmoonSailor RanmoonCarrotglaceTG114,5952000-08-26
Sailor Ranko: Dive Into The UnknownSailor SunChebTG, Lost52006-04-04
Your Destiny is AnnulledSailor SolChebTG41259,4942014-09-02
DarkfireSailor DarkfireChouhouin NekoTG, Lost2004-12-05
Beautiful Martial Artist Sailor Moon One HalfSailor MoonChronos the CatTG16,8212008-04-02
Rebirth of a Moon PrincessSailor SolarisClaire DanielleTG412,2682010-11-03
The Earth PrincessSailor TerraCloud DreamerTG449,2412007-11-10
Princess of the MoonSailor StarfireCory D. RoseTG15218,9462007-01-20
Charon and SharingSailor CharonCrescent PulsarTG1255,0002014-08-18
The Prospective SenshiSailor EarthCrescent PulsarTG1262,0002012-06-09
Ranma and the OutersSailor NeptuneDaTexanTG1736,3542006-10-08
Red MoonSailor MoonDan InverseTG516,8962002-10-17
The Wild Horse of LoveSailor VDan_InverseTG37,3492002-09-23
Lordship of ChaosSailor JupiterDark AlphaTG, Archive22004-10-20
Waylaying Before the Oak TreeSailor JupiterDark AlphaTG, Archive12004-10-23
Spoiled BratsSailor Saturn (pseudo)DarkFyre99TG3999,8322009-11-28
AvatarsSailor GaiaDarkenOneTG12004-10-23
Ranko, Master of the ClowSailor EarthDarkraveTG318,2562008-07-24
Time and Time AgainSailor PlutoDeathgeonousTG24,9612007-08-31
Dawning of a New StarSailor PlutoDerrick OrmanTG32004-10-20
Ranma the ProphetessSailor PlutoEjhawmanTG, Complete29229,5902010-07-07
To Be a TomboySailor UranusEllfTG19,6882005-02-11
Cutting TiesSailor TerraEmberFireRoseTG48,4102007-04-02
New LivesSailor JupiterEmma IveliTG, Complete43118,5122007-04-07
New Lives CSailor JupiterEmma IveliTG, Complete47114,7702008-06-26
New Lives LSailor JupiterEmma IveliTG2550,3272010-10-22
New Lives RSailor JupiterEmma IveliTG, Complete50148,3082007-09-05
New Lives SSailor JupiterEmma IveliTG, Complete46111,8562010-09-20
TrappedSailor ChaosErika Wardell (Kinotama)TG, Dead149232006-05-16
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